Helping People
Help Themselves

We personally meet, know and keep in contact with each family on this site.

Our goal is to give a "HAND UP" to Hard working families
by providing access to a larger market to sell their goods.

Current Products In the Tiny Big Market

Photo of Hand Made Purses of Nicaragua
Hand Made Purses From Nicaragua

I originally met the Perez family on the streets of Granada Nicaragua, where they were selling these purses. At the time I didn’t know Karla actually made the purses, I thought they were mass-made somewhere in a factory. Each purse is a unique creation so no two are alike. Buying a purse will help this family of 11 with a brighter future.

Photo of Hand Made Hammocks of Nicaragua
Hand Made Hammocks From Nicaragua

Felix and his family makes these incredible hammocks starting from the most basic element of THREAD. After taking the first part of each morning making twine from thread, he and his family make hammocks. Once he has 5 or so made, he travels for a few days each week selling as many as he can to local and tourists.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a Non-Profit?

No and Yes... We are not an official non-profit, but we have never made a profit.. So maybe. This is actually a project of the company we work for, Cevado.com. It's simply a way to give back and help others help themselves. This project is not about making money. It's about being part of the solution.


Is this Faith Based?

No, though some of the people involved have deep faith based roots, the project is not, it's just human based. In our other business we spend a great deal of time worrying about making wages and profits, this is simply a way to be about something bigger than ourselves.


Can I buy directly from the artists?

Yes, if you are interested in starting something similar to what we are doing here, we would love to help you. We are not import experts. Actually at this point we only have experience with a couple limited products from Nicaragua. But if you would like to buy directly from an artist in Nicaragua we may be able to help connect you. We support anything that gives a fair wage and helps families.

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